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Technical Improvements and Better Performance

Last weeks were not rich on new features. I mostly concentrated on improving and maintaining existing ones.

  • Flight tracking is operational for all live airports (apart from London Stansted). Live and non-live flight tracking added for more airports resulting into 826 supported airports (214 of which are live).
  • Site performance is significantly improved by improving memory and CPU usage, reorganizing data storage and refactoring of old code. Now flight search and schedules pages are much more fast and stable in terms of loading time. Less waiting is always good.
  • Due to improved data storage, duration of flight data storage will also be increased. Currently SpotterLead tracks times and status for around 3 millions flights.
  • Improved stability of flight subscriptions (Telegram bot). Currently we have 43 active subscriptions and more than 100 non-active. Not that much, but not a few also ūüôā


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Launching Telegram Bot

If you’re using Telegram messenger, you may try¬†our bot to access certain SpotterLead features right from your messenger!

Add a user named spotter_bot into your contacts and start a chat. After that, you will be free to enjoy the advantages of some of the features:

  • Get info about an airport and its location.
  • Get METAR for an airport and its location.
  • Get nearest arrivals and departures to/from¬†an airport.
  • Flight status.
  • Flight status subscription (updates on flight status and times will be sent automatically to you).

Get info about an airport (including location)

Type /about X, where X РIATA or ICAO code of the airport, and press Send.

Get info about an airport
Get info about an airport

Get METAR for an airport

Type /metar X, where X РIATA or ICAO code of the airport, and press Send.

Get METAR for an airport
Get METAR for an airport

Get nearest arrivals/departures to/from an airport

Type /departures X, where X РIATA or ICAO code of the airport, to get departures and press Send.
Type /arrivals X, where X РIATA or ICAO code of the airport, to get arrivals and press Send.

Both of these commands return a list of flights starting from -30 minutes till +1 hour from the current moment.

Get nearest arrivals/departures to/from an airport
Get nearest arrivals/departures to/from an airport

Flight status

Type X, where X Рflight number, and press Send.

Response will contain flight information about the nearest flight with the number specified (if tracked).

Flight status
Flight status

Flight status notifications

If you would like to receive automatic updates on flight status (whenever our system detects it). You can type:
/subscribe X,¬†where¬†X –¬† is the flight number

To unsubscribe, type:
/unsubscribe X,¬†where¬†X –¬†¬†is the flight number.

To unsubscribe from all flights, type:
/unsubscribe all

To see a list of all the flights you are subscribed to, type:


  1. Only flights tracked live may be a subject of subscription. Flights containing scheduled information only may not be followed.
  2. Not more than 3 subscriptions is possible at one time.
  3. Updates may be delivered with a delay.

Please keep in mind that all the information provided by Telegram bot is retrieved from open sources. We do not own this data, neither we guarantee its correctness and consistency! 

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Most Popular Airport Destinations Statistics

What are the most popular flight destinations for your airport? Where do people usually arrive to your city from and how often?

Now we can say!

We are introducing new statistics page for airports called “Most Popular Destinations“. This page is available for every airport having flight schedules¬†(static or live: doesn’t matter) supported (which is more than 500 airports currently!) and at least one departure flight performed during the last week.

This page shows:

  • Approximate average total¬†number of flights daily (both departures and arrivals).
  • Total number of flight destinations during the last week.
  • Interactive map including recognized* destinations (powered by Google Maps).
  • And finally, the list of the most popular destinations grouped by number of daily flights!
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

This page is located at Statistics subsection of every supported airport page as displayed on a screenshot below:

Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

Each page has a URL like: (you can replace EHAM with ICAO-code of your airport).

* Recognized destination Рis an airport which was unmistakably identified by our system. This can be a result of airport codes coming from a data provider of this or that flight (e.g. in case if  an airport site publishes airport codes directly on its departures & arrivals page). Alternatively, airport of departure/arrival may be identified by our flight record joining algorithm as a useful side-effect. This algorithm is being used for quite a while in our system for a sole purpose of merging data records concerning one and the same flight (but retrieved from different airport data sources) into one combined flight  leg item having both departure and arrival data. Such flight legs are used on our Flight Search page actively. Now, this data is also used to recognize destinations for flights having no destination IATA or ICAO code provided directly by airport data source.

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Flight Schedules for Germany, UK, Russia and Few More Airports Worldwide (+207 airports)


I had not that much time to work on SpotterLead these days, so there were only few updates during last month, but one of those was, of course, flights schedules support for more airports. This time it was decided to test our system with more data load and in addition to adding airports individually, we instantly added flight schedules support for medium and major airports for three whole countries: Germany, United Kingdom and Russia.
The full list includes as much as 207 new flight schedules!
  1. Aberdeen Dyce (EGPD / ABZ) | Spotting Guide
  2. Altenburg-Nobitz (EDAC / AOC)
  3. Amderma (ULDD / AMV)
  4. Angelsey Anglesey (EGOV / VLY)
  5. Ashgabat (UTAA / ASB)
  6. Augsburg (EDMA / AGB)
  7. Baku Heydar Aliyev (UBBB / GYD)
  8. Balemartine Tiree (EGPU / TRE)
  9. Balivanich Benbecula (EGPL / BEB)
  10. Barrow-in-Furness Barrow Walney Island (EGNL / BWF)
  11. Bayreuth (EDQD / BYU)
  12. Belfast (EGAA / BFS)
  13. Belgorod (UUOB / EGO)
  14. Bergamo Orio al Serio (LIME / BGY)
  15. Beslan (URMO / OGZ)
  16. Birmingham (EGBB / BHX) | Spotting Guide
  17. Bishkek Manas (UCFM / FRU)
  18. Blackpool (EGNH / BLK)
  19. Blagoveschensk Ignatyevo (UHBB / BQS)
  20. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi (LIPE / BLQ)
  21. Bordeaux/Mérignac Bordeaux-Mérignac (LFBD / BOD)
  22. Brasília Presidente Juscelino Kubistschek (SBBR / BSB)
  23. Brighton Shoreham (EGKA / ESH)
  24. Bristol (EGGD / BRS)
  25. Bryansk (UUBP / BZK)
  26. Bugulma (UWKB / UUA)
  27. Calgary (CYYC / YYC) | Spotting Guide
  28. Cambridge (EGSC / CBG)
  29. Campbeltown (EGEC / CAL)
  30. Cardiff (EGFF / CWL)
  31. Carlisle (EGNC / CAX)
  32. Chambéry/Aix-les-Bains Chambéry-Savoie (LFLB / CMF) | Spotting Guide
  33. Cheboksary (UWKS / CSY)
  34. Cherepovets (ULWC / CEE)
  35. Cherskiy (UESS / CYX)
  36. Chokurdah Chokurdakh (UESO / CKH)
  37. Chukotka Provideniya Bay (UHMD / PVS)
  38. City of Derry (EGAE / LDY)
  39. Cluj-Napoca (LRCL / CLJ)
  40. Cork (EICK / ORK)
  41. Cottbus-Drewitz (EDCD / CBU)
  42. Coventry (EGBE / CVT)
  43. Cuxhaven Nordholz Naval Airbase (ETMN / FCN)
  44. Dikson (UODD / DKS)
  45. Doha Hamad (OTHH / DOH)
  46. Dortmund (EDLW / DTM)
  47. Dubrovnik (LDDU / DBV)
  48. Dundee (EGPN / DND)
  49. Durham Tees Valley (EGNV / MME)
  50. Dushanbe (UTDD / DYU)
  51. Eday (EGED / EOI)
  52. Eisenach-Kindel (EDGE / EIB)
  53. Elista (URWI / ESL)
  54. Enniskillen St Angelo (EGAB / ENK)
  55. Eoligarry Barra (EGPR / BRR)
  56. Erfurt (EDDE / ERF)
  57. Exeter (EGTE / EXT)
  58. Fair Isle (EGEF / FIE)
  59. Farnborough (EGLF / FAB)
  60. Firenze Peretola (LIRQ / FLR)
  61. Friedrichshafen (EDNY / FDH)
  62. Fritzlar (ETHF / FRZ)
  63. F√ľrstenfeldbruck (ETSF / FEL)
  64. George Best Belfast City (EGAC / BHD) | Spotting Guide
  65. Glasgow Prestwick (EGPK / PIK)
  66. Goleniow Szczecin-Goleni√≥w SolidarnoŇõńá (EPSC / SZZ)
  67. Gorno-Altaysk (UNBG / RGK)
  68. Grenoble/Saint-Geoirs Grenoble-Isère (LFLS / GNB) | Spotting Guide
  69. Grimsby Humberside (EGNJ / HUY)
  70. Grozny North (URMG / GRV)
  71. Grunay Island Outer Skerries (EGOU / OUK)
  72. G√ľtersloh (ETUO / GUT)
  73. Hamburg-Finkenwerder (EDHI / XFW)
  74. Haverfordwest (EGFE / HAW)
  75. Hawarden (EGNR / CEG)
  76. Heringsdorf (EDAH / HDF)
  77. Hof-Plauen (EDQM / HOQ)
  78. Igarka (UOII / IAA)
  79. Ingolstadt Manching (ETSI / IGS)
  80. Inta (UUYI / INA)
  81. Inverness (EGPE / INV) | Spotting Guide
  82. Ivanovo South (UUBI / IWA)
  83. Izhevsk (USII / IJK)
  84. Kaluga Grabtsevo (UUBC / KLF)
  85. Karlsruhe Baden-Baden (EDSB / FKB)
  86. Kassel-Calden (EDVK / KSF)
  87. Kathmandu Tribhuvan (VNKT / KTM) | Spotting Guide
  88. Kemerovo (UNEE / KEJ)
  89. Khanty-Mansiysk Khanty Mansiysk (USHH / HMA)
  90. Khatanga (UOHH / HTG)
  91. Kiel-Holtenau (EDHK / KEL)
  92. Kogalym (USRK / KGP)
  93. Komsomolsk-on-Amur (UHKK / KXK)
  94. Kostroma Sokerkino (UUBA / KMW)
  95. Kotlas (ULKK / KSZ)
  96. Kurgan (USUU / KRO)
  97. Kursk East (UUOK / URS)
  98. Kyzyl (UNKY / KYZ)
  99. Land’s End (EGHC / LEQ)
  100. Leeds Bradford (EGNM / LBA)
  101. Lensk (UERL / ULK)
  102. Lerwick Sumburgh (EGPB / LSI)
  103. Lhasa Gonggar (ZULS / LXA)
  104. Lipetsk (UUOL / LPK)
  105. Liverpool John Lennon (EGGP / LPL)
  106. London Biggin Hill (EGKB / BQH)
  107. L√ľbeck Blankensee (EDHL / LBC)
  108. Luqa Malta (LMML / MLA) | Spotting Guide
  109. Lydd, Ashford Lydd (EGMD / LYX)
  110. Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LFLL / LYS) | Spotting Guide
  111. Magadan Sokol (UHMM / GDX)
  112. Magas (URMS / IGT)
  113. Magnitogorsk (USCM / MQF)
  114. Makhachkala Uytash (URML / MCX)
  115. Mannheim-City (EDFM / MHG)
  116. Manston Kent (EGMH / MSE)
  117. Marseille Provence (LFML / MRS)
  118. Memmingen Allgau (EDJA / FMM)
  119. Mineralnyye Vody (URMM / MRV)
  120. Mirny (UERR / MJZ)
  121. Mönchengladbach (EDLN / MGL)
  122. Moscow Chkalovskiy (UUMU / CKL)
  123. M√ľnster Osnabr√ľck (EDDG / FMO)
  124. Nadym (USMM / NYM)
  125. Nalchik (URMN / NAL)
  126. Nantes Atlantique (LFRS / NTE) | Spotting Guide
  127. Naryan Mar (ULAM / NNM)
  128. Neryungri Chulman (UELL / NER)
  129. Neubrandenburg (ETNU / FNB)
  130. Newcastle (EGNT / NCL)
  131. Newquay Cornwall (EGHQ / NQY)
  132. Nizhnekamsk Begishevo (UWKE / NBC)
  133. Norwich (EGSH / NWI)
  134. Nottingham (EGBN / NQT)
  135. Novokuznetsk Spichenkovo (UNWW / NOZ)
  136. Novy Urengoy (USMU / NUX)
  137. Noyabrsk (USRO / NOJ)
  138. Nuremberg (EDDN / NUE) | Spotting Guide
  139. Nyagan (USHN / NYA)
  140. Okhotsk (UHOO / OHO)
  141. Orenburg Central (UWOO / REN)
  142. Orkney Islands Kirkwall (EGPA / KOI)
  143. Orsk (UWOR / OSW)
  144. Oxford (Kidlington) (EGTK / OXF)
  145. Paderborn Lippstadt (EDLP / PAD)
  146. Palermo Falcone‚ÄďBorsellino (LICJ / PMO)
  147. Pechora (UUYP / PEX)
  148. Penza (UWPP / PEZ)
  149. Petrozavodsk (ULPB / PES)
  150. Pevek (UHMP / PWE)
  151. Plymouth City (EGHD / PLH)
  152. Port Ellen Islay (EGPI / ILY)
  153. PoznaŇĄ-ŇĀawica (EPPO / POZ)
  154. Pskov (ULOO / PKV)
  155. Ramstein Air Base (ETAR / RMS)
  156. Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield (EGCN / DSA)
  157. Rostock-Laage (ETNL / RLG)
  158. Saarbr√ľcken (EDDR / SCN)
  159. Salekhard (USDD / SLY)
  160. Salzburg (LOWS / SZG) | Spotting Guide
  161. Sarajevo (LQSA / SJJ)
  162. Saransk (UWPS / SKX)
  163. Saskylakh (UERS / SYS)
  164. Shetland Islands Scatsta (EGPM / SCS)
  165. Southampton (EGHI / SOU)
  166. Southend (EGMC / SEN)
  167. Sovetskaya Gavan Maygatka . (UHKM / GVN)
  168. Sovetskiy (USHS / OVS)
  169. Split (LDSP / SPU)
  170. St. Mary’s (EGHE / ISC)
  171. Staverton Gloucestershire (EGBJ / GLO)
  172. Stavropol Shpakovskoye (URMT / STW)
  173. Stornoway (EGPO / SYY)
  174. Strasbourg (LFST / SXB)
  175. Strezhevoy (UNSS / SWT)
  176. Swansea (EGFH / SWS)
  177. Syktyvkar (UUYY / SCW)
  178. Taganrog Yuzhny (URRT / TGK)
  179. Tambov Donskoye (UUOT / TBW)
  180. Tashkent (UTTT / TAS)
  181. Tbilisi (UGTB / TBS)
  182. Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (LLBG / TLV)
  183. Tiksi (UEST / IKS)
  184. Trier Spangdahlem Air Base (ETAD / SPM)
  185. Ukhta (UUYH / UCT)
  186. Ulan Ude Ulan-Ude (Mukhino) (UIUU / UUD)
  187. Ulyanovsk Baratayevka (UWLL / ULV)
  188. Ulyanovsk East (UWLW / ULY)
  189. Uray (USHU / URJ)
  190. Usinsk (UUYS / USK)
  191. Ust-Kut (UITT / UKX)
  192. Ust-Tsylma (UUYX / UTS)
  193. Venice Marco Polo (LIPZ / VCE)
  194. Vilyuisk (UENW / VYI)
  195. Vologda (ULWW / VGD)
  196. Vorkuta (UUYW / VKT)
  197. Westerland Sylt (EDXW / GWT)
  198. Wick (EGPC / WIC)
  199. Wiesbaden Army Airfield (ETOU / WIE)
  200. Yakutia Polyarny (UERP / PYJ)
  201. Yateley Blackbushe (EGLK / BBS)
  202. Yeniseysk (UNII / EIE)
  203. Yerevan Zvartnots (UDYZ / EVN)
  204. Yeysk (URKE / EIK)
  205. Yoshkar-Ola (UWKJ / JOK)
  206. Zhigansk (UEVV / ZIX)
  207. Zyryanka (UESU / ZKP)

Flights schedules only include expected flight times and don’t include live updates. What’s is the difference? Read here: ūüôā

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+18 Planespotting Timetables (incl. 2 Live)

Hi everyone!

We have restored operation of all the airport timetables which experienced some data disruptions during holidays.

Also few new timetables were added.


  1. Roma Ciampino‚ÄďG. B. Pastine (LIRA / CIA)
  2. Rome Leonardo da Vinci‚ÄďFiumicino (LIRF / FCO) | Spotting Guide


  1. Almaty (UAAA / ALA)
  2. Astana (UACC / TSE)
  3. Bratsk (UIBB / BTK)
  4. Charlotte Douglas (KCLT / CLT) | Spotting Guide
  5. Denpasar-Bali Island Ngurah Rai (Bali) (WADD / DPS)
  6. Kiev Zhuliany (UKKK / IEV)
  7. Kirov Pobedilovo (USKK / KVX)
  8. Leipzig Halle (EDDP / LEJ)
  9. Lviv (UKLL / LWO)
  10. N√°poli Naples (LIRN / NAP)
  11. New Delhi Indira Gandhi (VIDP / DEL)
  12. Nizhnevartovsk (USNN / NJC)
  13. Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX / PHX) | Spotting Guide
  14. Saratov Central (UWSS / RTW)
  15. Surgut (USRR / SGC)
  16. Voronezh (UUOO / VOZ)
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German Version

Today we have some really great news for our users in Germany: we are introducing German translation for SpotterLead. If you’re using German version of internet-browser, you may expect that language will be changed automatically for you. However, you’re always able to desired language in a small drop-down with country flags located at the very top of any page.

German version of the site is also available at a dedicated domain:

We would like to thank a lot our new project contributor FRA Aviation for providing us this nice translation to German and we are looking forward to future collaboration! FRA Aviation has remarkable plane-spotter accounts at Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Take a moment to have a look!

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Flight Schedules: +42 airports

Hello and good weekend to everyone!

Here is a list of 42 airports which were supplied with Flight Schedules for planespotters during last two weeks:

  1. Auckland (NZAA / AKL) | Spotting Guide
  2. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS / BKK) | Spotting Guide
  3. Beauvais/Tillé Paris Beauvais Tillé (LFOB / BVA)
  4. Belgrade Nikola Tesla (LYBE / BEG)
  5. Bratislava M. R. ҆tef√°nik (LZIB / BTS) | Spotting Guide
  6. Bremen (EDDW / BRE) | Spotting Guide
  7. Brussels South Charleroi (EBCI / CRL) | Spotting Guide
  8. Burgas (LBBG / BOJ)
  9. Dallas-Fort Worth Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW / DFW) | Spotting Guide
  10. Denver (KDEN / DEN) | Spotting Guide
  11. Dresden (EDDC / DRS) | Spotting Guide
  12. Edinburgh (EGPH / EDI) | Spotting Guide
  13. Frankfurt-Hahn (EDFH / HHN) | Spotting Guide
  14. Gibraltar (LXGB / GIB)
  15. Glasgow (EGPF / GLA) | Spotting Guide
  16. Guangzhou Baiyun (ZGGG / CAN) | Spotting Guide
  17. Guatemala City La Aurora (MGGT / GUA)
  18. Johannesburg OR Tambo (FAOR / JNB) | Spotting Guide
  19. Kuala Lumpur (WMKK / KUL) | Spotting Guide
  20. Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS / LAS) | Spotting Guide
  21. London City (EGLC / LCY) | Spotting Guide
  22. London Luton (EGGW / LTN) | Spotting Guide
  23. Miami (KMIA / MIA) | Spotting Guide
  24. Milan Linate (LIML / LIN)
  25. New York La Guardia (KLGA / LGA)
  26. Newark Liberty (KEWR / EWR) | Spotting Guide
  27. Nha Trang Cam Ranh (VVCR / CXR)
  28. Nice-C√īte d’Azur (LFMN / NCE)
  29. Phuket (VTSP / HKT) | Spotting Guide
  30. Punta Cana (MDPC / PUJ)
  31. Santa Barbara Municipal (KSBA / SBA)
  32. Seattle Tacoma (KSEA / SEA) | Spotting Guide
  33. Seoul Incheon (RKSI / ICN) | Spotting Guide
  34. Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD / PVG)
  35. Stockholm / Nyköping Skavsta (ESKN / NYO)
  36. Sydney Kingsford Smith (YSSY / SYD) | Spotting Guide
  37. Vancouver (CYVR / YVR) | Spotting Guide
  38. Varna (LBWN / VAR)
  39. Vasco da Gama Dabolim (VOGO / GOI)
  40. Warsaw Modlin (EPMO / WMI)
  41. Weeze Niederrhein (EDLV / NRN) | Spotting Guide
  42. Zagreb (LDZA / ZAG)

Flights Schedules provide information about scheduled aircraft movements in this or that airport for the following 4 days.

Read more about it here:

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Make SpotterLead Great Again: Light Version and Web Application for Mobile

Our “great again” series of posts is finalized by a few updates we made to our service.

Light View

As many of our users know, we have a PDF version for every planespotter timetable. However, now, in addition to this you can watch timetables as light HTML web page, which is clear, lightweight and also easily printable.

HTML version
HTML version

To switch to a light version, you need to open a standard planespotting timetable of any supported airport and click following icon:


Web Application for Mobile

We optimized our site to support progressive web app manifests. What it means that if you have a mobile device with Chrome or Opera browser installed (Firefox should support it soon too), then you can use mobile version of SpotterLead like if it was a separate application on you phone!

Just open our site and press “Add to Home Screen” and you will see our web application icon on you home screen, which you will be able to browse like if it was a real native application!

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Make SpotterLead Great Again! Update #2 of 3: Historical Flight View

Hello everyone! Last time we covered our new feature “Flight Schedules” which allows not only to expand airport coverage dramatically by providing non-updated flight timetable, but to expose flight data for future 3+ days also. Read more about it here.

But this makes no sense if you cannot switch timetables to show flights arriving/departing any other time than for 24 following hours only.

That is how it worked until recently…

Now, however, we are introducing historical flight view. This small feature will give you an ability to choose any date and time in past or in future and see which flights were arriving/departing at this time.

Allowed time range to choose is limited by the latest and earliest flights stored in our database for this or that airport. Normally we store flight data for 180 days and now, with a Flight Schedule implemented, provide 3 days lookup in future.

To¬†load planespotter timetable with flights starting from custom date & time, you need to just click the button with the current date & time located near flight search input field and choose date & time you want from a date-time picker which will appear immediately. After that you just need to click a button “Load flights for the selected time” and you will see all the arriving/departing flights starting from the date-time you have chosen + 24 hours. As simple as that.

Choosing a custom date and time on planespotter timetable page
Choosing a custom date and time on planespotter timetable page

This feature was requested by our users multiple times and we finally happy to introduce it as now it gives more extensive access to all the flight data we store. This feature is mobile-friendly.

Hope you will like it and stay tuned for more updates!

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Make SpotterLead Great Again! Major Updates #1 of 3: Flight Schedules

Yaay! We are extremely proud to announce release of 3¬†major updates to our planespotter timetables which will make it even more useful. We are going to publish announcements gradually during following few days not to spam you a lot ūüôā

Today we are going to give you an overview of the most anticipated update of our system since quite a long while.

Flight Schedules

Before now we always aggregated flight data from various sources like airport sites providing live updates for flights. However, delivering flights for each airport is time-consuming (why?) and available time range is often limited to 24 hours ahead, so we were always looking for a way to provide better awareness of aircraft movements in more airports at lesser costs without going into usage of expensive APIs (which would certainly make us to make our service commercial).

Flight schedules as any other timetable gives you a more overall look on flights but without providing live updates.

By utilizing free-of-charge Yandex Timetable API we managed to introduce a sub-system that allows to retrieve schedules for any airport without spending enormous amounts of time on creating and maintaining individual per-airport data polling algorithms. We just add a record about airport into a database and that’s it: flights are picked up automatically and become visible on a designated planespotter-timetable page as¬†well as they did for airports with live updates!


  • Adding new airport is extremely fast, henceforth allowing increasing airport coverage dramatically.
  • Ability to provide much longer flight data lookup in future (currently it’s 3¬†days, but soon we are going to gradually increase this limitation).
  • Flights from schedules may be gracefully integrated¬†with flights which are updated live, so all the airports having live updates now have automatic support of timetables. You also can see schedule flights on the same planespotter timetable page as previously for your airport – you don’t have to look for them separately!
  • As a consequence of previous two advantages: flight search page now able to display information about flight combining data from live and non-live sources with a lookup of up to 3 days ahead.


  • Data might be not as precise as for airports with live updates and also may be obsolete as Yandex gets this data from its partners which are not always punctual on updates, so schedules might be used to estimate aircraft movements approximately, but not more than that.
  • There are no live flight updates for flights retrieved from schedules: schedules are not updated according to actual flight status. Exception is only for airports which also have live updates (Flights Live) implemented. In this case, scheduled flights would be automatically updated with a live status as soon as this information appears on airport site.
  • We still have to respect usage of the Yandex Timetable API as well as we should respect current performance limit of the servers, so we cannot instantly add all of the airports of the world, but we are going to gradually increase the number of airports and simultaneously optimize operationability of our system.

Airports with Flight Schedules

All the 200 of live airports we had before are now equipped with flight schedule support.

Moreover, for testing purposes we also added 36 more airports, which are listed below:

  1. Los Angeles (KLAX / LAX)
  2. San Francisco (KSFO / SFO)
  3. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta (KATL / ATL)
  4. Chicago Chicago O’Hare (KORD / ORD)
  5. New York John F Kennedy (KJFK / JFK)
  6. Reykjavík Keflavik (BIKF / KEF)
  7. D√ľsseldorf (EDDL / DUS)
  8. Hannover (EDDV / HAJ)
  9. Tallinn Lennart Meri Tallinn (EETN / TLL)
  10. Maastricht Aachen (EHBK / MST)
  11. Groningen Eelde (EHGG / GRQ)
  12. Dublin (EIDW / DUB)
  13. Riga (EVRA / RIX)
  14. Vilnius (EYVI / VNO)
  15. Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG / CDG)
  16. Paris Paris-Orly (LFPO / ORY)
  17. Hurghada (HEGN / HRG)
  18. Tokyo (RJTT / HND)
  19. Athens Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV / ATH)
  20. Kerkyra Island Ioannis Kapodistrias (LGKR / CFU)
  21. Milan Malpensa (LIMC / MXP)
  22. Rome Leonardo da Vinci‚ÄďFiumicino (LIRF / FCO)
  23. Istanbul Atat√ľrk (LTBA / IST)
  24. Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen (LTFJ / SAW)
  25. Tokyo Narita (RJAA / NRT)
  26. Moscow Zhukovsky (UUBW / ZIA)
  27. Kaliningrad Khrabrovo (UMKK / KGD)
  28. Arkhangelsk Talagi (ULAA / ARH)
  29. Barnaul (UNBB / BAX)
  30. Yakutsk (UEEE / YKS)
  31. Anadyr Ugolny (UHMA / DYR)
  32. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Yelizovo (UHPP / PKC)
  33. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (UHSS / UUS)
  34. Abakan (UNAA / ABA)
  35. Omsk Central (UNOO / OMS)
  36. Norilsk Alykel (UOOO / NSK)

Please keep in mind that these airports have schedules only supported. Live flights updates are not available for these!

You can find you planespotting timetable in its previous location by choosing your country on the main page of SpotterLead:

How do I know now which timetables / flights live and which are just scheduled?

That’s a good question. For distinguishing those we use a special icon: feed, which means that whatever content you are looking at, it has live updates. And if there is no such icon: it’s a static (scheduled) data.

Although we tried to make usage of this indication as clear as possible, it might confuse you if you got used to the old look of our service. Here we would like to give some explanation of how it works on actual examples:

“Live” indication on the main page
“Live” indication on the country spotting page
“Live” indication on the airports per country page
“Live” indication on the flight search page
“Live” indication on the planespotting timetable page
“Live” indication on the planespotting timetable page


That’s roughly it. We hove you will enjoy this new feature as soon we are going to add much more airports. Stay tuned and tomorrow we will tell about another major update we introduced to these planespotting timetables (the most attentive users might already noticed it on our screenshots).

See you tomorrow ūüôā