What is Flights Live?

The idea of SpotterLead.net is to make life of plane spotters easier by providing a bunch of useful tools.

If you ever tried aircraft spotting at airports you probably had to plan you visit more or less carefully: research the weather, choose specific time for your visit to catch the most of the take-offs or landings or maybe catch some specific aircraft with the most appropriate lighting conditions. You might have analyzed a couple or even more resources during preparations like weather services, airport sites, flight tracking services, spotter guiding sites, etc.

But what if there is a service doing all of these it for you?

That’s when SpotterLead.net comes in. The idea of SpotterLead.net is to make life of aviation spotters easier and provide some useful tools. 

Flights LIVE! is  one of those tools and it is SpotterLead.net  main feature which provides dynamic grouping of flights for the upcoming 24 hours into time periods using visualization covering arriving and departing flights to know how much planes and when exactly will be available for photo shooting in comparison with other time periods. It also includes: 

  • weather forecast and visualization of sky based on cloud, precipitation and sunrise and sunset data for each time period to know the exact conditions for photo shooting
  • providing detailed flight list for each time period
  • search of some specific flight by flight number, aircraft, airport or airline
  • current airport weather, temperature, winds, horizontal visibility, clouds, weather phenomena, estimating active runways based on wind data
  • METARs
  • providing airport links useful for spotting at one place: Google Maps, FlightRadar24, LiveATC, SpotterGuide.Net / SpottersWiki, Wikipedia, airport site
  • providing links to sources and free APIs used to gather data
  • automatic data updates (desktop version only)
  • estimate expectation time between flights
  • growing list of supported airports

You may explore it for free here: https://spotterlead.net/

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