SpotterLead is a Microsoft BizSpark Startup

Microsoft BizSpark

Very important news we have to share today. has become a member of Microsoft BizSpark –  program of Microsoft that provides support to software entrepreneurs since 2009.  You can know more about Microsoft BizSpark here.

Participation in this program is not only a sign of a recognition but also a great technical investment into development of our service. We are happy to be approved in this program and now we can start thinking of new enhancements to our site which were previously impossible.

Thanks everyone for contribution into our system! And thanks Microsoft for providing such an opportunity!

PS. See our startup page on BizSpark platform:

New Airports: Dubai, Antalya, Simferopol

During this week our network has continued to grow. This time we have 4 new airports:

  1. Simferopol (SIP), Russia/Ukraine
    Airport located at the contradictory territory of Crimea currently controlled by Russia and since than having lots of flights of literally all the Russian airlines.
  2. Antalya (AYT), Turkey
    3rd  busiest  in Turkey and 15th busiest airport in Europe handling 28+ million passengers per year arriving here for leisure. Lots of charter flights from Europe and Russia
  3. Dubai International (DXB), UAE
    3rd busiest airport in the whole world and the most intensive by international air traffic handling 78+ million passenger per year!
  4. Dubai Jebel Al Ali Maktoum (DWC), UAE

Please be advised that plane spotting in UAE is prohibited without special permission from authorities. You can have serious penalties and even be arrested. Do plane spotting in UAE at your own risk!

For more information refer to special spotting guide at

Dalaman Airport (DLM) Live

Following few requests from our users we are adding plane spotter timetables and flight tracking for Dalaman Airport (DLM / LTBS) in in south-west Turkey. You can check it out here.

Dalaman Airport is an international airport has one runway and it serves 4.5 million passengers per year. The major amount of flights are charter and seasonal. You can meet airplanes of such airlines as Thomson Airways,  Thomas Cook, Onur Air, and many others.

Enjoy your plane spotting in Dalaman and have a good weekend!


One Year Online!

There are wonderful news we would like to share with you. Today is our first birthday!

One year ago, on July, 12th 2015 we went online with as little as 7 airports  (LED, AMS, ZRH, VIE, VKO, KJA, TOF).

Since then we have grown to 181 airport supported, studied to store all the flight data and share it with users.

Thanks to everyone who was contributing the development of the project! You support is extremely important!

Multilingual Support

Going towards better user experience we introduce technical support of multiple languages on our site.  The first language to embody this support is Russian – language of 27 airports supported in our system and, what’s not less important, mother tongue of the author of the platform 🙂

Site will now automatically attempt to choose a right language for you depending on your browser language preferences. If you’re not happy with this choice, you are free to choose desired language at the top panel of the site, or go via direct culture-specific links below:


Also, we’re looking for possibilities to translate our site to more languages, especially to ones with the most number of airports like Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, German or Polish. Unfortunately we have no people in our small team who could help us with it, so if you know someone who might be willing to help us with it, please let us know about it. We really don’t want to delegate this mission to Google Translate 🙂