Eindhoven (EIN) Planespotting Live

This weekend is rich on new plane-spotter timetables. One of new airports supported is our second airport in the Netherlands: Eindhoven (EIN / EHEH). Now planespotting timetables are available in Eindhoven. You can now clearly see all the aircraft movements, peak hours, weather conditions and choose the best time for planespotting in Eindhoven!

>> Link: click here to open

EIN Flights Live Features

  • Data precision: medium
  • Flight data provider: airport site
  • Aircraft data provider: Yandex Timetables API
  • Codeshare/operator flight specified by airport: no (no code-share flights present)
  • Aircraft registrations available: no
  • METARs available: yes
  • Current runways usage: predicted
  • Update interval: normal (7-8 minutes)
  • LiveATC link: yes
  • Planespotter Guide link: yes (SpotterGuide.net)
  • Airport Twitter: yes


Eindhoven airport is the second busiest airport in the Netherlands (4+ million passengers per year)  being located on the southeast of the country. Airport is mostly used by low-cost airlines. Dominating airlines are RyanAir, WizzAir and Transavia. However, in Eindhoven you may encounter both passenger and military traffic.

Eindhoven is quite planespotter-friendly airport as well as Schiphol. However, there are some limitations apply on which photos can be published and which are not (mostly related to military infrastructure of the airport). More information you can know from from detailed planespotter guide at SpotterGuide.net.

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