9 Airports in Portugal (+4 new)

We have finished updating flight aggregation algorithm for Portuguese airports, so all of them again have Flights Live feature available. Moreover, 4 new airports is added resulting into total number of 9 for all the Portuguese airports on SpotterLead. These are:

  1. Faro (FAO)
  2. Lisbon Portela (LIS)
  3. Ponta Delgada (PDL)
  4. Porto Francisco de Sa Carneiro (OPO)
  5. Funchal Madeira (FNC)
  6. Horta (HOR)
  7. Flores, Santa Cruz das Flores (FLW)
  8. Porto Santo, Vila Baleira (PXO)
  9. Santa Maria, Vila do Porto (SMA)

>> You can see these all here: https://spotterlead.net/pt 

Portugal Flights Live Features

  • Data precision: media
  • Flight data provider: airport site
  • Aircraft data provider: Yandex Timetables API
  • Codeshare/operator flight specified by airport: yes (code-share flights currently not retrieved)
  • Aircraft registrations available: no
  • METARs available: yes
  • Current runways usage: predicted
  • Update interval: normal (7-8 minutes)
  • LiveATC link: depends on airport
  • Planespotter Guide link: depends on airport
  • Airport Twitter: depends on airport

Please keep in mind, that now all the Flights Live planespotter timetables have a nes mobile version, so you can take it with you! Enjoy planespotting with SpotterLead! 🙂

Planespotting Guides

SpotterGuide.net has very nice planespotting guide for Lisbon Portela, Funchal Madeira and Porto Francisco de Sa Carneiro. You may find it useful to review them to find a better location.

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