200 Airports Supported Now! Gdansk Airport and Rotterdam the Hague Plane Spotting Timetables Added

200 Supported Planespotting Timetables

We are excited to announce that we added two more live plane spotting timetables in Europe reaching the total number of 200 supported airports worldwide! These airports were added following our users requests.

200 Supported Planespotting Timetables
200 Supported Planespotting Timetables

If you want your airport to be added to our timetables, please contact us.  It’s free of charge.  We extend our network to meet planespotters’ wishes. All the flight information is published on our site in good faith and without requiring payment for it. But please keep in mind, that sometimes we are not able to support certain airports (Why?).

#199. Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport (GDN / EPGD)

Planespotting timetables: https://spotterlead.net/EPGD/live


Danzig Lech Walesa Flughafen
Original of “Danzig Lech Walesa Flughafen” by Joergsam. Shared under CC BY-SA 4.0


Gdansk Planespotting Timetables
Gdansk Planespotting Timetables

~3.7 millon pax annually
1 runway
Dominating airlines: Enter Air, WizzAir, RyanAir, LOT Polish Airlines

#200. Rotterdam the Hague Airport (RTM / EHRD)

Planespotting timetables: https://spotterlead.net/EHRD/live

Rotterdam The Hague Airport terminal
Original of “Rotterdam The Hague Airport terminal” by Ralf Roletschek. Shared under GFDL 1.2.
Rotterdam the Hague Planespotting Timetables
Rotterdam the Hague Planespotting Timetables

~1.6 millon pax annually
1 runway
Dominating airline: Transavia


Aircraft Types and Airlines Normalization

There was some while since the latest update at SpotterLead. However, we didn’t waste our time and applied our efforts to implement a new and very important improvement to our system: aircraft types and airlines data normalization.

What does it mean?

It’s fairly simple (but not the simplest thing to implement, so far). As soon as we index data from various airport sites we are extremely dependent on the way how these sites describe such things as aircraft, airline or city names.

For instance, one airport can describe KLM as “KLM“, another one may alter it as “KLM Royal Dutch Airlines“, third one might have “K.L.M.“. The same picture was observed with aircrafts: “Boeing 737“, “B737“, “B73H“, “738“, “Boeing 737-800“, “BOEING 737NG“, “Boeing 737-800 (winglets)“. You could finish up with lots of text variants describing one and the same thing! It makes it quite inconvenient to use search on our Flight Live pages especially if you use it for more than one airport page on a regular basis. On this page you need to enter “B73H” , on another – “Boeing 737” to filter flights you want to see. Quite hard to keep this in mind, isn’t it?

Equal Aircraft and Airlines Naming for All the Flights Irrelevant of the Airport

We analyzed millions of flight records we retrieved so far and with the new data normalization mechanism we’ve added, now in 95% of cases you don’t have to worry about the problem as soon as now you are going to have one and the same naming for the absolute most aircraft types and airlines for all the flights tracked from all of 198 currently supported airports.

Our database is set to perform automatic updates of airline data and aircrafts, so we are going to improve it even more gradually.

We also normalized all the naming for historical flight data starting from the 1st of September, 2016. These changes might be found on our Flights Search page.

What’s Next?

This is basically just one of the stages of data normalization, and we’re still looking into possibility to apply normalization for airport names which now are still stored as plain text.

We’ll keep you posted as usual. Stay tuned and enjoy plane-spotting with SpotterLead!