Make SpotterLead Great Again: Light Version and Web Application for Mobile

Our “great again” series of posts is finalized by a few updates we made to our service.

Light View

As many of our users know, we have a PDF version for every planespotter timetable. However, now, in addition to this you can watch timetables as light HTML web page, which is clear, lightweight and also easily printable.

HTML version
HTML version

To switch to a light version, you need to open a standard planespotting timetable of any supported airport and click following icon:


Web Application for Mobile

We optimized our site to support progressive web app manifests. What it means that if you have a mobile device with Chrome or Opera browser installed (Firefox should support it soon too), then you can use mobile version of SpotterLead likeĀ if it was a separate application on you phone!

Just open our site and press “Add to Home Screen” and you will see our web application icon on you home screen, which you will be able to browse like if it was a real native application!

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