Most Popular Airport Destinations Statistics

Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

What are the most popular flight destinations for your airport? Where do people usually arrive to your city from and how often?

Now we can say!

We are introducing new statistics page for airports called “Most Popular Destinations“. This page is available for every airport having flight schedules (static or live: doesn’t matter) supported (which is more than 500 airports currently!) and at least one departure flight performed during the last week.

This page shows:

  • Approximate average total number of flights daily (both departures and arrivals).
  • Total number of flight destinations during the last week.
  • Interactive map including recognized* destinations (powered by Google Maps).
  • And finally, the list of the most popular destinations grouped by number of daily flights!
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

This page is located at Statistics subsection of every supported airport page as displayed on a screenshot below:

Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS
Most Popular Flight Destinations from Amsterdam Schiphol AMS

Each page has a URL like: (you can replace EHAM with ICAO-code of your airport).

* Recognized destination – is an airport which was unmistakably identified by our system. This can be a result of airport codes coming from a data provider of this or that flight (e.g. in case if  an airport site publishes airport codes directly on its departures & arrivals page). Alternatively, airport of departure/arrival may be identified by our flight record joining algorithm as a useful side-effect. This algorithm is being used for quite a while in our system for a sole purpose of merging data records concerning one and the same flight (but retrieved from different airport data sources) into one combined flight  leg item having both departure and arrival data. Such flight legs are used on our Flight Search page actively. Now, this data is also used to recognize destinations for flights having no destination IATA or ICAO code provided directly by airport data source.

Dalaman Airport (DLM) Live

Following few requests from our users we are adding plane spotter timetables and flight tracking for Dalaman Airport (DLM / LTBS) in in south-west Turkey. You can check it out here.

Dalaman Airport is an international airport has one runway and it serves 4.5 million passengers per year. The major amount of flights are charter and seasonal. You can meet airplanes of such airlines as Thomson Airways,  Thomas Cook, Onur Air, and many others.

Enjoy your plane spotting in Dalaman and have a good weekend!


Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok (HKG)

We have added planespotter-friendly timetables and flight tracking for Hong Kong International Airport – 赤鱲角機場 (HKG / VHHH).

It’s available at

HKG is the main airport in Hong Kong. It serves 68+ million passengers per year with its two runways. Dominating airlines you may encounter there are Cathay Pacific Airways, Dragonair 港龍航空, Hong Kong Airlines 香港航空, HK Express, China Eastern Airlines.

Before going to planespotting in HKG consider reading SpottersWiki guide.


Flight Search & Flight Status


As a part of opening flight data we track on our site, we are now adding a small feature that will allow users searching for individual flights. If you want to know the status, most recent arrival/departure times of some flight, etc. the we suggest you going to Flights -> Flight Search in our top menu (or just proceed by the link

The area of this search is strictly limited to flights arriving/departing to/from airports we track in our Flights Live section (143 airports for now).

Now we have the best coverage in Europe (especially in Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden). See the full list of supported airports here:

Vladivostok Intl, Russia VVO

Vladivostok International Airport (VVO / UHWW) has obtained Flights Live support:

VVO is international airport located on the southeast part of Russia, 38 km from Vladivostok city. It has two passenger and one cargo terminal, 4 runways serving 1.6 million passenger per year. Dominating airlines are Aurora Airlines and S7 Airlines.

Have a good spotting at VVO!

Geneva Cointrin, Switzerland (GVA)

Second update for today is Flights Live support for Genève Aéroport (GVA / LSGG) – our No.2 airport in Switzerland.

GVA Flights Live:

GVA handles more than 15 million passengers per year. Dominating airlines are Swiss International Air Lines, easyJet Switzerland and Etihad Regional.

Geneva airport is a great location for planespotting and you might also find it useful to review relevant spotter guide @…/switzerland-…/geneva-gva-lsgg/

 Have a nice spotting in Geneva!

Wroclaw (WRO)

Witamy we Wrocławiu!

As a response to a user request, we introduced Flights Live support for its No.3 Polish airport: Copernicus Airport Wrocław (WRO / EPWR).

Review it here:

 Port Lotniczy Wrocław im.Mikołaja Kopernika also known as Strachowice airport is an international airport situated 10 km from city center of Wroclaw, Poland. With its one runway it serves more than 2 million passengers per year.

Dominating airlines are Ryanair, Wizz Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa.

Have a good spotting in Wroclaw!