Integrated Search for Airports and Flights: New Landing Page

Global Integrated Spotterlead Search of Airports and Flights

No, this is not a joke, but really the first update in a quite long while ­čÖé

The list of supported airports has grown that large recently, that navigating through them while trying to find the one you need was beyond any reasonable limits of convenience. Old UI was looking decent with smaller number of airports, but no longer now.

That’s why we finally added global integrated search page (which is now also a main landing page) which works as┬áSpotterLead’s personal “Google” ­čÖé

Global Integrated Spotterlead Search of Airports and Flights
Global Integrated Spotterlead Search of Airports and Flights

By default, you will see list of up to 15 airports closest to you (based on your IP address) within the range of 1000 km and list of up to 24 flights recently found on SpotterLead by other users.

Everything you need to search for specific flight and/or airport is to start typing into the input field either flight number, or airport name, code, city or country name. Starting with at least 3 characters entered, you will start seeing search results live:

SpotterLead Search Results Demo
SpotterLead Search Results Demo

SpotterLead Search Results Demo

Please feel free to check this new search out by visiting !

Technical Improvements and Better Performance

Last weeks were not rich on new features. I mostly concentrated on improving and maintaining existing ones.

  • Flight tracking is operational for all live airports (apart from London Stansted). Live and non-live flight tracking added for more airports resulting into 826 supported airports (214 of which are live).
  • Site performance is significantly improved by improving memory and CPU usage, reorganizing data storage and refactoring of old code. Now flight search and schedules pages are much more fast and stable in terms of loading time. Less waiting is always good.
  • Due to improved data storage, duration of flight data storage will also be increased. Currently SpotterLead tracks times and status for around 3 millions flights.
  • Improved stability of flight subscriptions (Telegram bot). Currently we have 43 active subscriptions and more than 100 non-active. Not that much, but not a few also ­čÖé


Flight Search & Flight Status


As a part of opening flight data we track on our site, we are now adding a small feature that will allow users searching for individual flights. If you want to know the status, most recent arrival/departure times of some flight, etc. the we suggest you going to Flights -> Flight Search in our top menu (or just proceed by the link

The area of this search is strictly limited to flights arriving/departing to/from airports we track in our Flights Live section (143 airports for now).

Now we have the best coverage in Europe (especially in Norway, Russia, Finland and Sweden). See the full list of supported airports here: